Hey loves!

Welcome to my very first Q&A on this site. Hopefully you enjoy it! These questions were submitted via twitter, so in order to be included in the next one (next week) follow me on twitter and then just tweet me questions or dm me them. Tweet me to follow you so we can dm! @arianasugg2

  1. Ever been in love? – Yes and I still am
  2. Ever had a terrible breakup? – No
  3. How tall are you? – Not sure sorry
  4. How much do you weigh? – Again, not sure. All I know is I’m slightly underweight
  5. Any tattoos? – No
  6.  Any piercings? – Only one on each ear
  7. OTP? – Zalfie
  8. Favourite show? – Scream queens, Pll, Hollyoaks
  9. Favourite bands? – 5SOS
  10. Something you miss? – Primary days and no stress haha
  11.  Favourite song? – Anything by Ariana Grande, Pia Mia or Justin Bieber
  12. How old are you? – Not saying
  13.  Zodiac sign? – Sagittarius
  14.  Quality you look for in a partner? – Kindness and looks (kindness first!) oh and they must like animals!
  15. Favourite Quote? – “There is light even in the darkest of places, if one just remembers to turn on the lights” – Albus Dumbledore
  16.  Favourite actor? – Emma Watson
  17. Favourite colour? – Blue and Pink
  18. Loud music or soft? – Soft
  19.  Where do you go when you’re sad? – My room
  20. How long does it take you to shower? – About 1 hour
  21. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? – half an hour
  22. Ever been in a physical fight? – Yes but only because this girl hit me first and my parents always say fight back and stand your ground. I won hehe
  23. Turn on? – Likes animals
  24. Turn off? – Smokes and hates animals
  25.  The reason you started blogging? – Wanted to see what it was like and I have always been interested in it
  26.  Fears? – Amy Winehouse (I know its weird but she’s so scary omg)
  27. Last thing that made you cry? – I was upset because my mum hurt her leg
  28.  Last time you said you loved someone? – Eesh idk
  29. Meaning behind your blog name? – Ummm well A is the first letter of my name, love because I call you guys loves and I love you lot, and xo because its kisses and hugs and also because of the weeknd 
  30. Last book you read? – Girl online: on tour
  31.  The book you’re currently reading? – My big fat teen crisis
  32.  Last show you watched? – Hollyoaks
  33.  Last person you talked to? – J
  34. The relationship between you and the person you last texted? – We are best friends and super close
  35.  Favourite food? – Pomegranate (I’m vegan BTW)
  36.  Place you want to visit? – Venice and I’m going this year and I’m also going Rome and Southend, can’t wait!
  37.  Last place you were? – At school
  38.  Do you have a crush? – Yes on my boyfriend haha
  39. Last time you kissed someone? – Yesterday
  40.  Last time you were insulted? – Dunno
  41.  Favourite flavour of sweet? – Strawberry and cherry
  42.  What instruments do you play? – None 😦
  43.  Favourite piece of jewellery? – I love bracelets with charms 
  44.  Last sport you played? – Netball (I was in the netball team in primary but play it all the time in PE)
  45.  Last song you sang? – Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande
  46.  Favourite chat up line? – I don’t like chat up lines
  47.  Have you ever used it? – Nope never used any chat up lines
  48.  Last time you hung out with anyone? – Yesterday
  49.  Who should answer these questions next? – J
  50. Were there any answers that surprised you? – Not really
  51. What country do you live in? – England (London)
  52. Are you and your best friends in the same form? – Yes we are


Thank you all so much for reading! Hopefully you liked it and now you have got to know me abit better!

Love you always,



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