Zoo trip

Hey loves,

So today I went to the zoo with my form! It was London zoo and the best thing about this is with the money they make they donate it and use it to help benefit the animals, which I thought was really nice! Me and my best friend J got matching teddies! My one is Joe sugg juniour and the father is Joe sugg. J’s is called Caspar lee juniour and the father of hers is Caspar lee. Joe sugg juniour and Caspar lee juniour are twins! Oh BTW Junior is the american spelling and Juniour is the British spelling (we saw it in the dictionary) so yeah! Another one of our best friends K is the godmother/auntie!! HAHAHAH

Oh there’s also an Emma Lee Monkey which I own and a Frank Lee Monkey which J owns but we have promised every day we bring them ALL in to school so they can see each other! We sound very baby-ish but we just find it fun so yeah!

Anyway that’s what happened today 🙂

Love you always,



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