Hey loves,

So for this upload I will be doing a new schedule which will be starting on Monday! There will be a week 1 and a week 2. Week 1 is the same as the old schedule, but week 2 will start on Monday and have much more different and unique blog posts. Hopefully you enjoy!


Week 1

Monday – Q&A

Tuesday – Makeup product I recommend

Wednesday – Daily blog

Thursday – Some advice

Friday – Inspirational quote

Saturday – Random upload

Sunday – Good blog/ youtube channel


Week 2

Monday – Easy DIY

Tuesday – Pros and cons of something eg. youtube, social media, makeup etc. (will vary)

Wednesday – Cute hairstyle

Thursday – Tag eg. Get to know me, random questions etc.

Friday – A good app

Saturday – Stuff to buy that’s under £5

Sunday – Nail polish I recommend


I have tried to make it abit more original and stuff so yeah! On Monday that’s when week 2 will start, so hopefully you enjoy this new schedule!

Love you always,




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