Advice on family issues

Disclaimer – This is from my other blog


So loads of people go through a rough time in their lives, so they would need some family and friends to help them get through it… but what if their family weren’t so supportive, and instead make you feel like.. well, crap

1. Talk to your friends! I always talk to J,K&Y if I’m feeling abit down, and they give the best advice!

2. Talk to your family about how you’re feeling! Surely they will stop and make sure you feel comfotable around them.

3. Allow everyone abit of space! If everyone in your family is getting abit tense give them the space they need.

4. Remember that things will eventually get better

5. Stick them headphones on and jam out to your favourite song! Atm mine is dangerous woman by Ariana Grande!

Hopefully this helped you! Feel free to dm me on twitter @arianasugg2 , follow us on instagram @animalsandthatcherjoe , email me or leave a comment in the guestbook if you want to talk further xxx

Love you always,



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