Advice on parents

Disclaimer – This is from my other blog

Hey loves! So personally I don’t find my parents annoying but one of our loves does so I will try and help her ❤

1. Tell your parents how you feel. Just sit down and talk talk talk! Most likely they will try to be less ‘annoying’ and try to understand where you are coming from 🙂

2. If you can’t tell your parents , tell a sibling or a well trusted friend. they could give you advice on how to talk to th or maybe they could talk to them for you.

3. Focus on how you behave ….. Ok so I’m not saying to be the most well behaved Angel , but if your parents are shouting at you it may be because you are mis behaving ! Try not misbehaving for a whole day and then see what happens LOL

So hopefully this helped you lives (especially Ava) and if you want advice post it in the guestbook and i will post an advice post the minute I see your post !

Love you always,



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