Advice on fake friends

Hey loves,

Here are some ways to spot them;

  1. They always leave you and run off with someone else.
  2. They don’t listen to what you say.
  3. They will back stab you.
  4. They won’t support you in what you do.
  5. They want the worst for you.


Here are some ways to get rid of a fake friend;

  1. Tell them straight to their face that you know they’re fake and don’t want them around you any more.
  2. Tell a teacher.
  3. Ignore them.
  4. Hang around other people.
  5. Slowly start to get less close to them until it will be normal for both of you not to hang out any more.


Hopefully this helps, I have experienced fake friends but my other true friends backed me up and defended me and now they’re out of our lives for good, yay!

Love you always,



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