Arianator Tag

1)What source did you find Ariana on?

When I was a tiny little baby I saw her on 13 however I was a baby so didn’t really become a fan lol. The second I saw her on Victorious I remembered her and she was instantly my favourite.

2)What fandom are you mostly in? (i.e. twitter, instagram, tumblr…)

Arianator and Tana Mongeau’s which hasn’t got a name yet, I think shrubs!

3)What was the first song you heard by Ariana?

Put your hearts up, I love it and still listen to it today

4)Top ten favourite songs that she has produced?


-The way


-Into you

-Dangerous woman

-Side to side

-Love me harder

-Winter things

-Santa tell me


-Be my baby

However I LOVE them all and listen to all of them on a daily basis.

5)Favourite Cover she has done?

Not sure

6)What’s your favourite thing about the fandom?

We’re all so supportive of her no matter what

7)What is your favourite thing about Ariana?

Her personality

8)Who do you ship her with?


9)Favourite foetus Ariana outfit?

Nickelodeon's 10th Annual Worldwide Day of Play: Ariana Grande Performance

10)Favourite Honeymoon Tour outfit?


These two

11)Favourite Cat quote?

Somebody bible me!


Love you always,



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