Daily blog

Hello loves,

So today I woke up earlier because me and my mum went shopping for some stuff for holiday next week. We just got stuff like toiletries, girly stuff, and some other stuff. I love doing this because it’s just really fun and I love getting all different things. We then came home and I started organising some make up bits as I have loads of make up and so I have decided to only bring some on holiday, oh geez. I am so used to wearing make up and having loads of it, but to be fair on holiday it will be hot so I most probably won’t be wearing as much make up. If you loves would like a holiday make up look let me know. Anyway, I have been on Twitter all day looking at #SaveMarinaJoyce and watched her YouNow, and I do believe she is in danger. Let me know in the comments what you think of the whole situation, I just hope she gets the help she needs and is safe, because as of now she is most definitely not. I have been catching up on my subscripitons and watching those on YouTube, and right now I’m talking to my best friend Jennifer. That’s all that has happened for today, hope you all had/have a lovely day and I love you all so so so much.

Love you my beautiful unicorns,

Anna Sugg,


PS – on my other blog I already anounced my name ages ago, but didn’t really write my name on here. tadaaa! Heyyy I’m Anna ;D


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