A Letter To My 10 Year Old Self

Hi little one :p

I’m future you…weird. Ok, so I know you are probably really nervous about school, well I know you were, I am you. Honestly, don’t worry. Those girls who are rude to you? They don’t even go to your secondary school so honestly who cares about them? Oh also, stay away from social media until you are in secondary, trust me with this. It will cause unnecessary drama, and you shouldn’t be on it at that age anyway, so yeah back off it! Another thing, do NOT stress about your friends, when you join secondary you meet amazing new friends and within a month you are best friends and have such a close bond, and it stays like that. It’s much better not stressing about those toxic friends, they aren’t worth it. Again, you meet better people. I guess that’s it, and another thing I am going to say, please please please remember this. Everything happens for a reason. I love you, and yes, by you I mean myself. Wow, I love myself. That sounds vain and snobby, but I do. Also I was an adorable baby, if I may say so myself.

See ya!

big (but not fat excuse me???) one


PS – you make a blog and it’s totally awesome and omg just make sure you create it, trust me.

Hi everyone,

Right now I am on holiday, so every blog post from the 2nd – 5th is going to be future written, ooo! Maybe abit after that too, but I will write this little message under all of them that are future written, so whilst I am in Rome, no, I am not reading any comments (even though people probably won’t comment, but yaknow). 

Love you all so much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox also heehee Rome omg arfncwjethrln *fangirl moment*


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