Answering Some Questions That Were Sent In

People say “you are what you eat”, so what are you?

Hmm…good question! Well I love pomegranate. I am that because it’s hard to get the seeds out (the actual pomegranate) & (secrets and for me to open up to you if I don’t know you that well).
If you had 24 hours to live from right this second, how exactly would you spend it?

With my family, and I would go to a farm as I love farm animals, and with my cat and the neighbourhood cat  who always comes and with Lambo (a Shaun the sheep teddy i have had since I was 5, he is so big and fluffy and I love him so much).
What’s a deal breaker for you in a relationship?

They don’t like animals, like excuse me what’s not to love?
Harry Potter or Twilight (there’s a difference)?

Harry Potter, I have never read or watched Twilight, and don’t intend to.
If you could mix celebrities who would be the perfect one for you (I.e. Mila Kunis’ body with Lana Del Rey’s lips but Miley Cyrus’ eyes and Kim Kardashian’s *** with Kate Upton’s hair and the talent of Morgan Freeman)?

Ariana Grande’s face, Leigh-Anne’s hair (exactly like mine but I love my hair), and Camilla Cabello’s body.
Do you have a Twitter, if so do you poop tweet?

@arianasugg2 and no I don’t poop tweet.
If could choose the time frame you could have lived it, when would it have been (I.e. 50s – now)?

If you could become famous for doing ONE thing, what would that one thing be?

Helping/saving animals
Are you a dog person or cat person or both?

What is that one song that plays on your iPod or iPhone that you can never skip, and why does it make you feel like you have to listen to it?

One dance by Drake, and anything by Ariana Grande
Would you rather be hot or cold?

Hot, all my grandparents were born in Cyprus and I have a house there so I visit there loads and it’s very hot, so I guess I’m just used to it. I’m practically never hot.
If you were going to die in a few hours and you could have 1 meal, what would that meal be and why did you choose that?

Spaghetti Bolegnase because I love it.
If you had the ability to go back in time to create a now modern tool, what would you create (I.e. would you create Apple, the Internet, Google, etc.)?

Why are you even making a Q & A blog post?

So you loves can get to know me a bit better, and everyone always loves them so yeah 🙂
Which Victoria’s Secret model is your favourite?

I don’t know any of the models, I don’t really look at their shows unless a singer I love is performing on it. I think Cara Delevigne is one? If so then her.
If you like sandwiches, what do you put on it?

Yes, grated cheese. Also salami, but not together. :p
Go to the mall/stores or on line shopping?

I like both.
Disney World or Disneyland?

Umm I have only ever been to the one in France so yeah no idea what one that was?
Favourite candy and why?

I don’t really eat sweets, I prefer chocolate.


Love you all my beautiful unicorns ^_^

Anna Sugg



Hi everyone,

Right now I am on holiday, so every blog post from the 2nd – 5th is going to be future written, ooo! Maybe abit after that too, but I will write this little message under all of them that are future written, so whilst I am in Rome, no, I am not reading any comments (even though people probably won’t comment, but yaknow). 

Love you all so much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox also heehee Rome omg arfncwjethrln *fangirl moment*



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