What I Think Makeup Will Look Like In 10 Years

  1. Over the top.
  2. People will express themselves more.
  3. Vibrant colours.
  4. Not as much judgement on make up.
  5. More people will wear it.

Love you all my beautiful unicorns ^_^

Anna Sugg


Hi everyone,

Right now I am on holiday, so every blog post from the 2nd – 5th is going to be future written, ooo! Maybe abit after that too, but I will write this little message under all of them that are future written, so whilst I am in Rome, no, I am not reading any comments (even though people probably won’t comment, but yaknow). 

Love you all so much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox also heehee Rome omg arfncwjethrln *fangirl moment*

I am now back from Rome however would like to relax so this is future written and comments won’t be checked, I love you all so much ahh!



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