50 Random Facts About Me

  1. My name is Anna.
  2. I am in love with Joe Sugg.
  3. My favourite colour is Turquoise.
  4. My favourite fruit is Pomegranate.
  5. I believe in the Mandela effect.
  6. I am Greek.
  7. I am from Cyprus.
  8. I live in London.
  9. My best friends’ names are Gracie, Jennifer and Katie.
  10. I love make up.
  11. I am good at doing make up.
  12. I have extremely curly hair.
  13. I have long hair.
  14. My hair is dark brown.
  15. My eyes are dark brown.
  16. I love blogging.
  17. I have two blogs. WordPress and SimpleSite
  18. My favourite animals are lambs.
  19. I am trying to be vegan.
  20. Ever since I was 6 I have wanted to be a surgeon and that wont change.
  21. I am determined to be a surgeon.
  22. My zodiac sign is a Sagittarius.
  23. I stan Tana Mongeau and Ariana Grande.
  24. Sometimes I get boy crazy.
  25. In the future I want two kids.
  26. I am taken…by Joe Sugg.
  27. I have a middle name.
  28. Double last names are cool. I don’t have one though.
  29. I’m in the netball team.
  30. I love all sports.
  31. My favourite sport is swimming.
  32. I used to be a cheerleader but the team stopped.
  33. I’m super fast at running.
  34. I prefer a pool to the beach.
  35. I am super loud.
  36. I am bubbly.
  37. I am crazy.
  38. I am addicted to coffee, preferably Starbucks coffee.
  39. My favourite thing to order at Starbucks is a large iced caramel latte.
  40. I have never been suspended.
  41. I have got loads of detentions.
  42. Most teachers hate me.
  43. I hate spiders.
  44. Amy WineHouse creeps me out.
  45. Michael Jackson creeps me out as well.
  46. I love oreos.
  47. I love horror movies.
  48. My friends say I’m the popular one.
  49. I tan easily and love getting a tan.
  50. I naturally have a nice tan.

This was just a bonus blog post and I am back off to Venice tomorrow!!



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