Something I’m Grateful For

Hey loves,

Ok so I’m grateful for my friends. This includes on line friends and also real life friends (Yes, I have friends. No, I am not lying.) They are all so kind to me and help me with all sorts of things. I can tell them anything and they can tell em anything, and we both know we will be there for each other always. I am extremely grateful for them and will never take them for granted 🙂

Love you all my beautiful unicorns ^_^

Anna Sugg



Hi everyone,

I am now in Venice! So yes that means even more pre-written posts, so I cannot look at your comments. Well I can but not during holiday, I want to relax! Just know I love you all very much, and am missing seeing your lovely comments so much, no joke shed a tear omg xD But seeing your comments everyday is amazing, so thank you and I will see you all very soon! Bye bye! ps – you’re stunning, keep your head up I love you ;D


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