I quit :/ … kinda.

Heyaa loves,

Ok so I know there aren’t lots of you and the ones who are following this blog aren’t active but I really don’t mind and in a way I think of this as more of a diary. Anyway quick announcement.

I am not going to be writing blog posts on this blog unless I want to, and if I do it won’t be a proper one, kind of like a diary and more casual thing. This is because no one really reads this blog and I feel as though I am putting so much work and effort into nothing and I really should be relaxing. I will be active on my main blog with my best friends so click here to go to the website.

I KNOW this probably sounds so stuck up and rude but I really do love you guys but I’m literally just spending hours on blog posts no one is going to actually read, and I want to spend more time focusing on my other blog where people actually read my posts…and lots of them.

Speaking of that, thank you loves so much for 8.5k supporters on the other blog, wow. I never imagined so many people to actually listen to me and support me the way you loves do and I’m ever so grateful for that, and I will never not be.

Remember, when we hit 10k views we will reveal our identity’s and do a meet up since so many of you want to meet us and I want to meet each and every one of you.

This part is very important, please listen up…or read up…- I have loads of blog posts scheduled to be uploaded where I don’t mention any of this so don’t get confused please. I know in this blog post I sound really rude and don’t like this blog, truth is WordPress is a hard platform for a blog to get views. People just look at blogs with lots of views and don’t give smaller ones a chance, or so I feel. That is why I am mainly focusing on my SimpleSite one.

Thank you for reading if you are…probably not but I love you! (whoever you are!!)

That’s all 🙂



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